Monday, February 20, 2012

A peek at my Valentine's Day shopping list.

Like a lot of crafters and collectors, I try to support my peers and fellow crafters, especially during the holidays when I do a lot of shopping. This year Falcon and Finch has been doing really well(knock on wood,) so I had a little bit of extra cash this valentine's day to share with my loved ones, and I wanted to share my special finds with you!

I spoiled my mom and a close girlfriend with treats from NicolesTreats
My mom especially loved the Belgian White Chocolate Mediants with Hazelnuts and Dried Apricot. Sweet and fruity, they came super well packaged in little white boxes, with cold packs added to keep them cool. Both of these ladies in my life needed a little Vday pick me up, and these really hit the spot.

And of course, I made extra effort to spoil my lovely husband. We've been married close to a year now, and it's very hard to live in a honeymoon state all the time, but we do try. I picked him out two really special things.

First, I got him the Saigon Cinnamon Chocolate Truffle Hearts from Cheri at CalabasasCandyCo. I've been curious about her shop for a while - everything looks so delicious, and obviously, I shop with my stomach. Also, Calabasas is super close to me, so it's sort of perfect as my go to gourmet candy shop. I actually got the hubby the sampler, but Cheri was super helpful and replaced two of the flavors with batches of her Cinnamon hearts. Which, by the way, appear to be seasonal - If you missed them, you gotta wait till next year! And believe me, you did miss out. They are so aromatic and richly flavored. We're both so smitten, I sort of wish I had ordered more!

Finally, and this may be my favorite gift I've gotten anyone, ever, was a hand written love letter from the amazing Arteriole. She actually did some of the calligraphy for our wedding invitations, and working with her then was such a pleasure. I've stalked her shop frequently since then, and this listing caught my eye. A hand written love letter of your own composition, in a hand of your choice, with a hand painted illustration. In fact, the golden luckenbooth she uses in her first picture is actually from our letter:) Awwwww! I didn't have her write just any old letter. My honey has carried around a letter in his wallet that I wrote hime when we had been dating for only six months. Obvsiously, it's pretty tattered. She transcribed it onto a thin but surprisingly tough, lovely translucent vellum, in an antique looking brown ink. She added the luckenbooth at my request, an important symbol to both of us.

I do think that this is the most romantic gift ever, and Andrew's eyes got so misty when he opened it. He said it was the most thoughtful gift he had ever received.

Finding the perfect gift for each person and occasion is one of my lofe missions. I hope this little peek may have given you some ideas for your own gift shopping!