Friday, January 27, 2012

What's up with me? What's up with you?

Things are very busy for us at Falcon and Finch right now, mostly because half of the family is busy with Mua Lan, or Vietnamese style lion dancing, for the Vietnamese New Year. Sound crazy? Why, yes, it is! But more on that later. For now, just trust that I'm swamped and foot sore. However, I did want to spare a few moments to tell you about something super nifty and exciting going on in the shop.

My mom and I have teamed up to make pretty little vintage inspired air plant gardens! this may seem like a stretch for a shop that mostly deals with vintage cameras and silverware, but trust me, it's coming from a long and passionate love affair with vintage spaces and gardens.

My mom and I both spent much of our lives in my grandparent's, now my mother's, 100 year old farm house, surrounded by relics and fascinated by our rich family history. This includes the kitchen garden. This garden... oh, let me tell you about this garden. The herbs that my grandfather planted have become a ground cover - especially the oregano, mints and thyme. Every step you take releases the most amazing scents. In the spring, the enormous, 30 year old rosemary bush is alive with honeybees. In the late summer, ripe figs drop into your hand, begging to be eaten.... it's a secret and sensous place.

Of course, the air plant Tillandsia is a bit of a far cry from the lush mystery of the family garden. But it's a sturdy and intriguing little plant, perfect for sharing our love of green and growing things with others. In the near future, look for our moss gardens and victorian inspired terrariums!

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