Friday, April 5, 2013

Where have i been?

I realize it's been a year, almost exactly, since my last post. And I do appreciate the irony of this, seeing has I was all full of "I'mma start being a passionate blogger" claptrap last year. But let me explain. It was probably only a couple days after my last post, last year, that we realized we were pregnant! And believe me, nothing saps the will to write passionate blogs, or do anything else for that matter, like growing another human being inside of you. They seem tiny when they are born, until you think about how you made that whole thing, cell by cell, like a tiny factory, pumping out super complicated miracles of engineering. More complicated than the most intense European race car, more brilliant than a super computer! Those tiny little fingers, those beautiful brown eyes, the face that lights up in a smile when he hears his mother's voice - I made those! I grew him from a tiny sea monkey to the beautiful 8 pound baby boy I delivered, feeding his cells and nourishing him with my own... Gasp!! Do you see what I mean? It's not about quantity, it's all about quality, and it's exhausting.

 However, I digress. My point is that my Darlingest boy is 4 months old now, and we have our routine - walkies, nappies, cuddles, more nappies - which is leaving me with a bit more time and energy these days. So I'm going to invest a bit of that in the blog, invigorating it once again. After all, if I can grow a tiny human, keeping up with my blog should be child's play! But don't quote me on that, he is a bit of a handful.

 Also, if you want to follow a stream of pictures of the cutest baby ever, you can find us on instagram: Andynelle Instagram (But be forewarned, I share it with my husband...)

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